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Set up your LinkedIn profile

In 2023, your LinkedIn profile will be your most trusted digital business card. So it really does matter what it communicates about you. In the same way you try to make the best impression in a face-to-face meeting with your appearance and communication, it's no different in the online space.

If your client base is in B2B, there's no question that you need a good LinkedIn profile. We'll adjust your LinkedIn profile based on all 76 aspects to get YOU to the top spot on LinkedIn (too).


What is a good LinkedIn profile?

  • Set up according to 76 preference criteria

  • All Star rated

  • LinkedIn makes your profile stand out to your potential target group 

  • Includes all your search terms and call words

  • Pre-ranked by Google

  • Takes advantage of all SEO aspects

Why is a well-set LinkedIn profile essential?

  • LinkedIn performs a kind of "ranking" or prioritisation of LinkedIn profiles. This means that a profile that is not set up well will be ranked lower than other profiles

  • Because it's your digital business card, it's the basis on which your potential audience will make a decision about you

  • If you want to build a brand and gain visibility, step 0 is a well-positioned LinkedIn profile

  • If you want to use LinkedIn to acquire clients, step 0 is a well-established LinkedIn profile

Image by Greg Bulla



If you order at least 1 LinkedIn profile (private or company) by 31 October 2023, you can claim a 25% discount on the price of the current profile.
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