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Don't let the success of your business depend on your unsuccessful ads!

Organize your lead generation, new customer acquisition and Linkedin profile management tasks!

We provide full LinkedIn profile management and lead generation services, which will increase your company's incoming customer enquiries, requests for proposals, introduction opportunities and b rand value  . In addition, the positioning of your company towards the market will be in professional hands. We help accelerate growth through transparent, measurable processes.

Organize your lead generation, new customer acquisition and Linkedin marketing tasks!
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Are your salespeople unable to acquire new customers?

In the changed market, it is more difficult to gain access to new customers, making contact is more difficult. We know that the sales of the company, your salespeople, this area that determines everything, must work well. In the changed  market , you need a different type of sale. This is also true for new customer acquisition. The old methods are no longer as effective.

Cold calling no longer provides a complete solution for acquiring new customers

Before the outbreak of the pandemic, the success rate of telephone contacts (among skilled ones) was between 5-10%. Today, that number has dropped to less than 1%. In addition, many unsuccessful and rejected calls can sufficiently take away the mood and enthusiasm of our salespeople. Continuous rejections and "shake-downs" quickly lead to burnout of salespeople. But new customers are needed.
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Simply answered: using LinkedIn. If you don't have a salesperson, learn and do it yourself or organize your LinkedIn marketing. If you have salespeople, learn and use them. Easy recipe, right? Using LinkedIn is not an atomic physics. However, experience shows otherwise. The biggest mistake that salespeople and company managers make in relation to Linkedin as an opportunity to acquire new customers is that they do not use it. That's why we teach your salespeople how to use it and we "ask for numbers" every week and monitor their progress so that it's actually done! And if you don't have any salespeople or you don't want them to deal with it themselves, then we fully undertake the acquisition of new customers on LinkedIn!



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