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In 2022, professional networking platform LinkedIn is projected to reach 66.8 million monthly active users in the United States, up from 58.5 million users in 2018.  LinkedIn differs from all other social media channels in that you can reach Hungary's decision-makers directly. You can say, instead of a shotgun, you can "hunt" your potential customers ORGANICLY with binoculars, i.e. without paid advertising. 

You cannot do this on any other channel.

Our services cover the following: 

  • Lead, prospect and new customer generation

  • Personal - company - employer brand building

  • Database construction

  • Market research

  • Recruitment, headhunting

  • Personal and company LinkedIn profile creation and setup

  • LinkedIn consultation

  • LinkedIn workshop


To find out if your company should use LinkedIn marketing, request our free LinkedIn marketing ROI analysis.​



Linkedin profil és céges oldal beállítás, 



Linkedin lead generation, customer acquisition, presales


Personal, company and employer brand building



Longlist and Shortlist


Kitt Szephegyi
Linkedin marketing megtérülés

Having a presence on LinkedIn is beneficial for everyone. For whom better, for whom less. If you want to find out how much of your target group is present on LinkedIn, and whether it would ever be profitable for you to deal with it, I will analyze it for you free of charge, and I will pass the analysis on to you.

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