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I'm Kitti Széphegyi, I've been working in sales and marketing since I was 19. 


It was clear early on in my career that lead generation is my strength, whether it's cold calling or marketing. Yes, it's really bizarre, because I really know the hardest part of sales, and I love it. A lot of my current knowledge was acquired at the Zsolt Szerepi National Training Centre.

I had the opportunity to learn negotiation techniques, sales and marketing during my 6 years there. To this day I am invited to take telephone sales and cold calling courses, which I am happy to do. Projects I have been involved in, but not limited to:

Xerox, Invitel, DB Schenker, Brammer

We founded our core company in 2011 but BRANDin was born in 2020, after the coronavirus burst. Our clients were reporting that they were finding it harder to acquire new customers and that the sales methods they had been using were no longer working. So we developed a service based on LinkedIn by our sales and negotiation know-how to connect businesses with potential, paying customers that is far more affordable and sustainable than any other social media or other advertising platform we know of. 


In 2022, professional networking platform LinkedIn is projected to reach 66.8 million monthly active users in the United States, up from 58.5 million users in 2018. This is the quality target group I am reaching. A+ income category people. Here we don't "shoot with a shotgun", we shoot with binoculars.  


  • For salespeople (B2B, B2C)

  • For managers

  • Companies (B2B, B2C)

  • Anyone who wants to reach potential customers in a targeted way

  • Who want quality leads

  • Want professional and corporate brand building

  • Finds Employer Branding important

  • Wants to dominate the market


Being on LinkedIn is useful for everyone. Some more, some less. If you would like to know how much of your target audience is present on LinkedIn, so that it would ever pay to engage with them, I will analyse and provide you with a free analysis.

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