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Szilágyi Botond


Standards Broker

Senior Financial Markets Specialist at Standards Broker

Budapest, Hungary ·  

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Standards Broker is a wholly Hungarian-owned company, which is perhaps a rarity in today's Hungarian investment market.

Our partner is KBC Securities, which is 100% owned by K&H Bank's owner, Belgian-based KBC Bank SA, and is also one of the leading brokerage firms in the Hungarian and European markets.

Our customers can open their accounts in more than a hundred K&H Bank branches in the country, which account contracts are always signed with KBC Securities, so they can make their investment with a brokerage firm with a banking background, with maximum security.

This nationwide coverage predestines our company for continuous growth and at the same time guarantees our customers easy accessibility and comfort at all times.



Szilágyi Botond

Senior Financial Markets Specialist at Standards Broker


Az én leadjeimet nézve szerintem egy 50+ az biztosan volt. Vagy volt olyan, hogy igazából két mondat után már a konkrét találkozóról beszéltünk, meg az együttműködésről.

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